Thursday, August 28, 2008

Test tonight

Ok, day 3 of being back at it and we are having guests over for dinner tonight! My aunt and uncle (whom I went rafting with) are in town for the day so I invited them over for dinner. It's hard that it's a work night because I don't have all day to get stuff ready (although our cleaning lady is there today so at least the house will be clean!).

So I decided on pasta with grilled chicken, tons of veggies and pesto. Pretty points friendly. We have this often enough that I know what size of bowl I should have etc.... but then, we are making garlic bread (so many men, they need to fill up!) and my sister is bringing an appetizer and I'll have to buy a dessert.

The plan is to have some pasta (put less pasta, more veggies on my plate) and that's it. This upcoming weekend (long weekend, yay!) is packed with BBQ's and cottages, so I'll be saving my points for that.

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