Tuesday, August 19, 2008

You do the math

In early July, I was 8 lbs away from goal. As you can see, I've added (yet another) ticker to my page, and I have 17 lbs to lose. And I've set my goal 5 lbs higher than it was before. So you do the math to see how much weight I gained since the middle of July.

BUT - the scale already shows me down 3 lbs. I know some of it will come off quickly, but it will take hard work to get the rest off.

AND - I'm in a ridiculously fantastic frame of mind. Jeff did a Farm Boy trip last night (our deal was he could golf on Sunday so long as he did the groceries last night) and seeing the fridge packed with such yummy colourful fruits and veggies made my heart so happy. I don't get excited about eating food that's not good for me, but I get awfully excited about healthy food.

In an e-mail to my dear friend yesterday, I told her it's stupid how when I eat poorly (and don't exercise, normally the two go hand in hand) I feel yuck. I normally get a headache, I hate feeling stuffed, my face and hair is greasy, I feel bloated, a bit angry at myself and all over yuck. But when I'm eating well and exercising regularly, I feel invincible, happy, confident, my skin is great, and I FEEL GOOD.

So, why is it that I eat poorly? It's not rocket science, I feel better when I'm eating better. And it's a snowball effect - everything in my life goes well when I have that under control. I have to keep reminding myself of it.

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JavaChick said...

I am also reading The Beck Diet Solution right now (I noticed it was mentioned in the comments on your previous post). It's definitely along the lines of what you are talking about I think. It's not that we don't know what we should be doing - eating healthy, watching portions, paying attention to yow we feel, etc...We know that, but we somehow knowing and doing don't necessarily go hand in hand.

So, I am working through the Beck Diet exercises, hoping that I can learn to "think like a skinny person", and that will translate into developing the right habits. So far, what I am finding is that it is very much about staying focused every day.

Christy said...

Thank you for commenting about it. I noticed on your blog that you were referring to it, but I didn't have the time to see what it was. I think staying focussed every day is key and it somehow ges easier each day. I'm trying not to obsess about food and be more of an intuitive eater. I am definitely checking the becks diet solution out. Thanks again!