Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Our e-mail servers and network drives are down - they have been having problems for the past two days, so although I have a TON of work to do (plus I am out of the office tomorrow on a retreat) I can't do anything!

I can only barely work in Word (it crashes every 10 mins or so) without having access to the info I need, I can't really get much done. Anything I could do, is now done.

It's so frusterating! Plus, next week is super busy (acting for my manager again, so meetings all day all week) and the week after that is a short week (shorter for me, I have to take two days off as my caregiver is off on vacation) so I have too much to do and simply not enough time.

Starting to feel stressed, I think I need to take a walk in the sunny sunshine!

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