Friday, September 26, 2008

Thai in Ottawa?

I need to know where to buy Thai ingredients in Ottawa. I know the good restaurants, and every time I go (like I just did for lunch, at the Siam Bistro) I'm reminded of how much I love thai food. And it's look fairly simple to make.

For example, today I had Kao Pad Gra Prow: Chicken sautéed with basil, chillies, mushrooms and peppers. Served with steamed rice.

Easy enough right? The couple times I have experimented at home, I've bought the curry paste from the grocery store and it just doesn't taste the same. And once, when I was in Vancouver last summer, my cousin and I made red curry using a curry paste we bought at this little shop on the boardwalk. It was a "brand" I've never seen before, nor again. It was delicious! And the lady who sold it to us (and also told us how to tie the lemon grass in knots so it was easier to take out of the sauce) said it's all about the curry paste.

Anyone know where I can buy real, authentic curry paste? Then I'm sure whatever place sells that, I can find the other necessary ingredients.

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Anne said...

No idea other than the regular grocery store but there must be somewhere you can get it. I would call the restaurant and ask the Thai people who work there where to go?

P.S No need for mat leave, if you ever want to go out for a coffee or something, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Look in China town at the grocers...Also Korean Garden has a shop attached on Rideau (at Augusta) although they are Chinese, and Korean grocers...they will sometimes have curries..

Amy said...

I've always wondered where to get the basil they use too... its not the same flavor as regular basil, or at least I don't think it is.

Christy said...

Thanks ladies!

I *have* seen thai basil... I don't think it's the same either, much sweeter!