Sunday, September 7, 2008

Time to get real

Ok, the past week I've been feeling motivated, but unfortunately, it wasn't enough. With my crazy schedule, last minute plans and lots of craziness, my eating suffered.

This week, life is finally back to normal (until my dad and Arlene get here on Friday and stay till Tuesday) and I'm pumped.

Bad news is, my size 12 pants are fitting me. They should be way too big, but they aren't. So it's time to get serious. Summer is over (booo), and I'm eager for the new year (it feels like a new year in the fall way more than in January for me). I'm starting the Beck Diet solution over, Day 1 is tomorrow.

I'm heading out shortly to my camera course and then if it's done early enough we are going to go to the open house of a house I quite adore. It's much cheaper then the other ones we had been looking at, but I am in love with the neighbourhood, the outside of the house, lots of the rooms inside, but we have to see what can be done with the basement. Right now it has a bedroom (13 * 11) with a walk in closet, a rec room (22 * 20) and a utility room (22 * 20). If we could get a bedroom, an office, a big rec room and make the utility room smaller.... it could be my perfect little house. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
Edit: The house is a no-go. I'm dying to live in the neighbourhood but we would outgrow the house with the next baby.... I'm a little sad about it.

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