Saturday, October 18, 2008

I love my life

Honestly, I do.

This morning we went to my sister Nadia and her husband Sean's house. Carson and Sofia had a wonderful time. Friends of ours and their 2 month old came by, I got lots of snuggle time with an adorable little boy. Then later that afternoon Carson and I headed to a baby shower, had lots of yummy food and played with hula-hoops. Then we went to Julie and Tim's for a BBQ - with all 8 kids/ Where I was told I looked smoking hot (I love you Tim!) and got lots of compliments (I think the sweater I am wearing is flattering). A few of us were talking about my new job and I, now, without a doubt, know that I made a good decision and this is a really really good move for me career-wise. The doors that will open for me after I put in some time here, I could be moving up high pretty quickly. Which is the kind of drive I've been looking for. My job was OK, but not the way I need it to be. Anyways, Julie made the most amazing meal ever (she's my Martha Stewart friend who is the best cook ever. I'd pay lots of money to eat at her restaurant... if she had one) and topped it off with a homemade lemon meringue pie that should be featured in a magazine.

Now we are home, Carson's happily in bed and Jeff and I are about to curl up in front of the TV. The perfect end to the perfect day.

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