Sunday, October 5, 2008

Last Chance Workout

I may not be participating in BLBE, but I have been watching snippets of The Biggest Loser on TV and today after I posted about it being a so-so weekend, I decided to do a last chance workout! WI is tomorrow and I'm thinking it's a maintaining week, so I gave it one last push.

I got dressed, bundled up Carson and we went out for a 6ish km run. Plus, I was pushing a 28 lb toddler + 10 lb stroller (actually I have no idea how much the stroller weighs) and three bags of clothes/shoes for GoodWill (well, that was for only 2k of the run, I incorporated the clothes drop off into my route).

I'm back, sweaty, a bit sore and most importantly, quite proud of myself!

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