Saturday, October 11, 2008

Perfect afternoon

We remembered that Kate's parents were having an open house this afternoon and went to see Kate and LJ and her fam! (I've known them forever, they are like family to me). I met Kate in Grade 7 and LJ came to our class in Grade 8. 20 years later and they are married (long but super happy love story). Anyways, she's pregnant and due in February. Kate is the reason I joined WW. Her and I had always been the same size, and then around 5 years ago she lost 40 lbs and looked SMOKING. It was only then I realized that I wasn't a lost cause and if she could do it, I could do it too!

Anyways, she's 20 weeks pregnant and has only gained 10 lbs and looks gorgeus. She has the most perfect-est baby belly, she's glowing, she's more beautiful then ever. Gives me hope for when I (if I) get pregnant again, that I don't have to gain 70+ lbs.

Here is us. I wish I could find a picture of us 20 years ago - I bet we'd look pretty similar!

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