Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good choice

I volunteered to bring the potatoes (going to do garlic mashed mmmmm) and dessert for Christmas dinner.

I was going to make my Grammie's infamous pineapple delight (ok, so someone else obviously makes it, but I still call it my Grammie's, she's been making it since I was little and I love love love it). But I know myself. I know how much I love this dessert. If I make it, I will have nibbles and I will have seconds and I will take home leftovers.

Sooo... I saw the price of berries (2/$5!) and bought the ingredients to make Amy's yummy lemon trifle (can't find the link), which is a much lower-fat dessert and last time I made it there were no leftovers so there's no chance of me over eating it.

No weight gain yet so far and would be so happy to report back Jan 1st with the same weight from last week.

Merry Christmas everyone. I wish everyone a healthy, happy, wonderful New Year. We all have it within ourselves to reach our goals (well, the ones that we can do ourselves, sometimes we have no control) and I have faith that we will find the strength, support and motivation to do it.

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