Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sooo bored

I wish I had something to do at work. And I haven't been here long enough to accumulate a pile of stuff that needs to be filed, files that need to be touched up, old projects to be closed off. Nothing.

I have one binder of documents for my key project starting in the New Year that I could read and that's it. But I'm here throughout the holidays so I'll have lots of time to do that.

I think I may go to the gym soon, and that way I can eat lunch with my colleagues. I didn't bring a lunch (too busy this morning) so I think I'll get a soup.

I'm so happy that I've kept up my exercise. Again, my eating hasn't been great but it hasn't been the worst.

God you can tell how bored i am by what a lame post I just wrote.

Update: the caf is only half open today, so no wraps or soup. Of course the grill is open so I got a veggie burger with 1/2 bun and a chocolate milk. A pretty good choice... I think?

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JavaChick said...

Bored bored bored...Hardly anyone around at my office and I start vacation tomorrow...Just waiting for the day to be over!

Sounds like you tried to make the best choice based on what was available to you - sounds good to me!