Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy to report

That there is no leftovers, chocolates, cookies...anything of the sort in my house! The one good thing about not hosting anything durign the holiday season is there is no leftovers. And I haven't given into the sales of boxes of chocolates and yummy good stuff. Nada. Nothing of the sort in my house.

Certainly while we were socializing I wasn't the perfect WW girl, but I wasn't that bad either. My pants are a little tight, but I'm back on my A game today. I'm sending my hubby to the grocery store while Carson and I take a nap and I only have two more get-togethers between now and New Year's - and both are after dinner drinks, so I can be sure to eat healthy beforehand. Plus, I'm not drinking this season so it makes controlling my drink intake pretty easy.

I don't even know if we are goign out for New Year's. My parents have offered to babysit, but everyone is staying pretty lowkey and not to sound like a stick in the mud, but if I'm not drinking I don't see a point of staying out late and getting a sitter.

I'd like to hear people's impression of Wii fit. Jeff won a Wii through work (which is kind of funny, we're not really the video game type family) and the only game I would be interested in for me would be Wii fit. It's kind of alot of money though if it's not really worth it.

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Adora said...

Wii sports is lots of fun, especially with a group of friends.

I bought Wii Fit and used it for about a month. As for the exercises, I wouldn't recommend it for someone who works out alot. Would be great for anyone who is a couch potato otherwise though. It's ability to track your weight for you is nice, but be forewarned. You'll want to kick it when you're feeling great about your achievements and it mockingingly tells you when you step on the scales..."that's overweight". Boooo.

Christy said...

Thank you for that! I've been (overall) quite active the past couple years and your advice is much the same as I have been reading online, that if you're already active and exercise then it's not totally worth it. Saves me money!

Thanks :)