Monday, December 15, 2008

Ooohhhh must be careful

Those two pounds I lost last week? They found me again!

And honestly I've been pretty darn good this holiday season so far. But apparently not as good as I thought I was being.

I was going to head to Costco at lunch today, but I think the gym is a tad more important.

Oh! And thanks to my super busy weekend, I didn't have time to do groceries. So I don't have anything for lunch today (I couldn't even take anything out of the freezer, the thought totally disgusted me) so I have to *gasp* buy my lunch today. In the past year that I've been back to work, I've only bought my lunch three times. Obviously I've planned to go out to restaurants a few times (with co-workers or with Jeff) but never had to buy my lunch just because I didn't bring one (if that makes sense at all). And this is a new cafeteria - so I don't even know what they have. And - I'm going to the body bar class from 12:15 - 1pm so I think I'll buy my lunch before (I wouldn't be buying anything hot, hopefully just a fully loaded sandwich, I'm sure they have them) just in case it's all gone by the time I get there. I'm pretty funny and I get all worked up about little things... like having to buy my lunch.

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