Sunday, December 21, 2008

Who knew?

That mangos are in season this time of year? Ok, maybe they are not in season but they sure as heck are delicious! I bought one on Tuesday and just pulled it out for the three of us to have as dessert tonight and I honestly wasn't expecting it to be that great - but we could have easily eaten another one. Lisa and I had made a Costco run earlier in the week and I saw 6 for $8.50 or something like that, and looking back, I should have bought them. Although I didn't realize they would be that great. Tomorrow afternoon is a work Christmas lunch and our boss has hinted he doesn't expect us to go back to work afterwards. I'm either going to go back so I can just go to the gym or do a run to the mall and to Costco. We'll see how I feel.

Between you and me, I should go to the gym, my eating has been less than stellar this weekend. Although I can say without a doubt overall this holiday season it's been way better than most likely any in the past!

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