Monday, January 5, 2009

Best way to keep track of exercise?

How do YOU keep track of your exercise. I am hoping to do it electronically (carrying paper/journals around with me almost never works) and am just wondering if there's any good sites that you know of where you can keep track of the days you exercised, what you did, how long, how many calories etc... etc....?

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Malinda said...


or you could check out the sister site I think... should have something similar there and lots of info/resources etc.

JavaChick said...

I have used sites like,, etc. All of those also include calorie tracking. There is another site I've been meaning to check out:
I haven't created an account to have a look around, so I'm not sure exactly what's available, but it looks interesting.

Adora said...

yep, i do sparkpeople too. i've used it for several months now (on and off...).

by the way, made the hummus today. delicious!

Sonya said...

I'm such a crazy Type A person, so tracking is my specialty!

I keep track of all my meals and exercise (and water intake) on a spreadsheet.

I don't do it for the mathematical reasons (to check my calories burned against consumed), but just to keep me accountable overall. Sometimes seeing everything on a single page gives me perspective.