Thursday, January 29, 2009

It's only 8:20 am

And already there is a piece of fudge sitting on my desk. Staring at me. Calling my name. How did this happen you ask?

Well - before the weekend my colleague brought me in a bar of Lush soap. It was the size and colour of the fudge you buy in the little kiosk on the canal. So the soap was on my desk all day and every time I looked at it I thought abuot fudge. So when the conversation turned to weekend plans I piped up and said that I had to go on teh canal to get fudge. Well, we didn't get out there this weekend. So Monday morning the same colleague asked how my fudge was. When I told her I didn't get a chance to get any, she promised me she was going to make me some. Now - I must tell you this colleague of mine is an amazing cook and bakes the most delicious treats ever. She explained the fudge process about keeping the melted chocolate at a certain temperatue for a certain amount of time and so on.

So of course, this morning at 10 to 8 she shows up in my office with a huge container of fudge. Sigh. What's a girl to do? I took the smallest piece and placed it on a napkin on my desk. Where it's sitting... and calling my name.

On top of that - I didn't get to the gym yesterday. Too busy at work and I had another headache, so I didn't want to make it worse. Last night I went to bed at the same time as Carson (read: 7pm) and woke up twice during the night to take a tylenol but other than that, slept straight through till 6:30 this morning. Woke up with my headache still. It's not as bad as yesterday but it's still there... lingering....

And, I *kind* of feel bad for my car sales guy. We had bartered him down the price on the first car we were going to get. We got him down to a price we were happy with. But then we decided to go with one model above. He screwed somethign up and we got the higher model for the price of the base model. And my husband's in sales so he knows how to barter, we got our pricing down another $70 a month... and got that price for the higher model. I feel bad for him, but not bad enough to pay more. Pick up is on Friday. But then we have to get snow tires on it right away and have the car seat moved over, put in a starter and tint the windows, so it's spending Saturday in the shop getting all that done (my best friend owns an auto detailing shop so he does it all for me). I'm headed to Toronto next weekend so I think I'll drive my new car down!

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JavaChick said...

One piece of fudge is not a disaster. A whole pan of fudge would be bad, but I think you should go ahead and enjoy your one little piece.

Enjoy the new car!

Malinda said...

I'm glad you eat the fudge... just eat it and move on, its one piece, not the whole container.

I don't know if you're open to it but you might find some relief from your headaches with a few visits to the chiropractor? Just a thought. We see ours every 3 weeks (we have appointments tonight) and I know I'm ready for an adjustment... I've had a lingering headache this week. Might be something worth looking into, I know we have chiropractors here in Barrie that specialize in working with expectant moms and children.

Malinda said...

oh and your new car sounds awesome.. I have a neon... I'd love to have a matrix someday.

Hope the weather cooperates for your drive to Toronto next weekend!