Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Because I'm boring...

I bought the same car I already had. A Toyota Matrix. But I always loved my Matrix and I figure when it comes time to buy a car once the kids are grown up and I don't have to worry about space as much as I do now we can move down to a smaller car. But for now I'm happy. Probably happier that I just don't have to deal with test drives, comparisons, bartering etc etc... happy that the decision is made.

AND I was planning on going swimming tonight. Then I checked the times and lane swim is from 8-9. Jeff has basketball at 8:40 so that wasn't going to work. So rather than just throw away the night (which I normally would), I went out for a run. A 7k run. I walked a total of 750m during the run and then I stopped about 400m from my house after I was done and my legs totally seized up. Not sure if it was the cold, the trillion lunges we did on Monday or the lack of running but ouch. And Carson just went to bed so I dont' want to risk running a bath for a little while longer.

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Carolyn said...

I love the Matrix! We almost bought one not long ago. Very nice!

Congrats on the run! 7K! YOWSA!