Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Doctor's appointment

Everything looks fantastic!

I'm measuring right on the nose. Baby's heart rate is 155. My blood pressure is 112/70. I've gained 4 lbs in total and I'm 16 weeks. I was hoping for a little less but the doctor was happy considering I had gone down at my last appointment. I'm aiming for 30 lbs total, we'll see. I didn't get my results from my IPS, he said he'd call if the results were abnormal but knowing me I'll call in a week just to make sure everything is OK.

We had another big conversation about planned c-section vs vbac, I still haven't decided anything. Most of our appt we chatted about wanting to find out the gender or not. I still haven't decided on that either. Good thing I have lots of time to decide.

I have to say I LOVE my new doctor's office. My appt was at 9:45, I left my office at 9:39 and was in the waiting room at 9:44. I was weighed in and tested for sugar/protein the minute I got in there and went right into the examination room. I was out of the door at 9:55 and after a quick stop at Starbucks was back at work at 10:20. My last doctor, the wait was around 30 minutes each time just to get into the examination room! Then the doctor would take forever. And the nursing staff there was... well... not super nice. And the nurse at the new office is the most wonderful person ever, she's awesome and totally on the ball. She sends my u/s requistion form for me cause she said mommies have a tendency to forget them. She's a god sent! And my doctor is wonderful, doesn't rush me out of there, listens to all my questions (although I actually never have any). He takes my blood pressure and measurements and doesn't even tell me as he writes them down. Of course cause I'm super nosy I have to ask what they are and he said don't worry, I'll tell you if something is wrong. He's just SO great. SO happy that I switched.

I am going to limit myself to one treat on the weekend and rather than one bag of chips and a litre of ice cream each week (seriously, brutal), I'm going to buy myself one ice cream treat (rather than a family size ice cream treat) and a bag of chips :) I've been exercising quite a bit so I know that's helping, now I have to get my food intake back on track. I've been eating well during the week, really, I have, it's just on the weekend it's treat heaven for me. Must stop.

I tried taking a picture of myself before work this morning, here's a quasi shot of what I look like today.

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Anonymous said...

you look great!

My sister had a c-section and will be trying a VBAC (she is due in August) Her midwife told her though that if she goes overdue , yough luck, she'll have a c-section as an induction likley leads to a c-section. Good luck whatever decision you make. My 2nd labour was great, nothing like me first (24 hours and the vacuum) My son came in 5 hours.