Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Having a crap day at work (I can't even think about it or I get so mad) and despite the fact I'll be there at 6am tomorrow morning - I went for a swim tonight. Open swim is from 8-9 and despite the fact I'm normally in bed at 9.... I went. And I switched it up a little bit. I started out in the medium lane, like last time but then I quickly was getting caught up in needing to stay up with everyone else and was finding myself out of breath. So I switched to the slow lane and could go without stopping for about 30 minutes at a slower pace. Rather than last time, I was going at a faster pace and stopping every so often.

After 30 minutes I went into the medium lane to finish off, there was more room as a lot of people had left.

Now I'm home and going to bed.

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eurydice said...

good for you for switching it up. i love swimming - what a fantastic exercise!