Tuesday, February 3, 2009

This is why I hate doing things online

So - going to book my Dirty Dancing tickets. Because I'm doing it so late, the only tickets left are orchestra and $110 each. Orchestra - great, price - would have liked the cheaper ones better.

I go to book them. $17 service fee for ordering them online. $3 fee for printing your own confirmation. Total was something like $257.00. I enter my information and hit "Buy". Progress bar moving slower than a bad day at work. Finally - a screen telling me my session has expired. I get fed up. Call them.

Wonderfully nice lady answers the phone - tells me there is a promotion on Friday night. My originally $110 priced seat? Now on for $50.00. I'll take two please. Total charged to my credit card $117.

Stupid website didn't tell me anything about a promotion. And now the weekend seems a whole lot better with a savings of $140.00. That's just more money for me to spend shopping ;)

From now on I'm checking online pricing and actually calling the place, to speak to an actual person to see which option to go with. You know what they say - you learn something new every day.

2 people had this to say:

A. & J. said...

that's a fantastic deal! good for you

Angie said...

Enjoy the show -- I liked it a lot (and I think I paid over $110 a ticket)!