Tuesday, February 3, 2009

With help

From a darling darling friend, I think we have our Toronto trip planned!

I'm leaving first thing Friday morning and driving back after I drop my sister in law off for her 2pm flight on Sunday.

I won't go into too much detail but it involves http://www.dirtydancingtoronto.ca/, shopping along Queen Street (it says 6 degrees on Saturday), lunch at an amazing looking restaurant (to quote them "we create a gourmet vegetarian dining experience out of wholesome ingredients & delicious, non-traditional recipes") and meeting a wonderful friend, shopping at Yorkdale, dinner out with Jeff's brother and wife, two night stay at a gorgeus hotel and lots and lots of girl talk with my sister in law, whom I've come to consider one of my closest friends.

Really - does it get better than that???

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Malinda said...

sounds like a superb weekend!

Saturday is suppose to be beautiful *fingers crossed*

Drive Safe!

A. & J. said...

I've seen the Dirty Dancing show in Toronto. It's lovely. Every seat was a good seat.

I have and still not seen the movie. Those at did see the movie, said that no one can do it like Patrick Swayze. (sp?)

Christy said...

You HAVEN'T seen the movie? I think that's the movie I've probably seen most in my life!!! Yeah I can see no one doing it quite as good as him.

Anonymous said...

All of this is SUPER exciting.:-) Yay, Yay, Yay!!!!!

I am SUCH a sucker for Dirty Dancing. What was that line again? Something like, "Nobody puts baby in the corner". Love it!