Monday, February 2, 2009


1 - I heard about them, toxic friends, but never really understood how a friend could be like that. But now I think I know. I guess to me, it's a friend who turns me into someone I'm not, who brings out these evil traits in me that aren't normally there. I know I've written about how my closest friends, I've been friends with for more than 20 years. I've made new friends and for the most part they've worked out, but I have one friend who I don't know. I get competitive with. I feel like they are saying things just to get my goat. Maybe they're not, but I don't like feeling that way.

2 - We had tacos for dinner last night and they were better than delicious. I can't stop eating avocadoes. As my husband said last night, the more he eats them the more he wants to eat them.
3 - I'm finally getting over my cold.

4 - I have body bar class today, and am so looking forward to it.

5 - I quite like my new car. Even though my friend wasn't able to get everything done to it this weekend (he's one of those friends I talked about above, that I've known forever? We met in grade 7 - he married one of my best friends, they live down the street from me). He had a crappy day on Saturday and was busy beyond belief so obviously I said I'd get it all done later.

6 - I'm headed to Toronto with my sister in law this weekend for a girls weekend away, I'm very much looking forward to it. My sister in law is a wonderful person, she has the healthiest outlook on life (relating to everything from food to body image to friends to family) and I always feel like a new person after spending time with her. I also get to finally meeting a lovely lovely friend.

7 - I knew I shouldn't have looked at my RRSP statement. I have a good chunk of change in RRSPs (I started them when I was 18 and got a huge "severance" when I left my old job) and they are down about 40%. Just to put that in perspective, if you had say, 100K in there... it would now be 60K. And it's sad. Very sad. My financial advisor tells me all the right things (they aren't even in aggressive funds!) - I won't be touching them for 35ish years so that's enough time for them to get back to where they should be. But YIKES. If I had taken them out in cash, even with the ding on the taxes I'd still have more than I do now. But - whatever, I should have known to just throw out the statements and not even look. Jeff even warned me.

8 - On the bright side, my mortgage is at 2.25% :)

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A. & J. said...

Toxic friends are the worst. As well as negative friends. I can only handle so much negativity from someone before I slowly start to slip away.

If you're the one that always bring them up, who's there to help you?

Angie said...

I'm with you on the RRSPs. My dad is my financial planner so our discussion about the past year was interesting.

2.25% is nice