Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lent and Hot Peppers

First of all - hot peppers is NOT a good idea to put on your wrap when you have heartburn. Stupid stupid me.

Secondly - Lent starts today. I'm giving up chips and chocolate bars. Notice how I said chocolate bars, which still allows me to eat chocolate. Just in smaller portions. I've been goign to the vending machine to indulge in Caramilks bar a little too often lately and it has to stop. I have other indulgences, these are the ones I'm having trouble with so I am banishing them from my life for 40 days.

If I would have thought about this last night I would have had my "final supper" surrounded by chips and chocolate bars, but I only remembered this morning. And really? I feel the same as if I would have had it all last night so I'm better off for forgetting.

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aandjblog said...

i've given up sweets and starbucks. wish me luck!