Monday, March 9, 2009


See the lack of exercise on my side bar? See my lack of posts? Normally lack of posting = eating like crap. And eating like crap normally results in no exercise. Since last Wednesday I haven't exercised. Sure we spent time outside and a few walks but nothing I would consider exercise.

It's not like I ate really poorly, I just ate alot. And last night I ate some Eggies, which I shouldn't have, sugar and I normally don't go well together.

But enough is enough, I packed a yummy lunch and am heading to my favourite gym class in a matter of minutes.

I need help with boy names.

I LOVE the name Walker (it's my maiden name), a friend of a friend is named Walker and he loves his name. Tell me your (honest) thoughts on it. And remember, by the time this child grows up, no one will remember Walker, Texas Ranger.

I love the name I chose for my firstborn and we have gotten nothing but compliments on it, it will be hard to choose another perfect name.

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Malinda said...

Walker is a great name.. I don't know anyone with that name... I have only heard it as a last name... and its kind of a unique way to carry on your maiden name.

My dad's name is my grandmothers maiden name... Greig

I like Duncan, not sure why.. for some reason it's easier for me to come with girls names then boys though.

Anonymous said...

boy names are so difficult. I like Walker.


Julie said...

Walker is awesome! And I love Carson, its a cool name and not overly chosen.

Personally I also like Nathaniel (nate), Roderic, Nico, Tyler, Daniel, could get one of those name books at chapters for ideas too.

Chantal said...

I like Walker too. I have never heard of it as a name (other than Texas ranger ;) ). I think it would be a great name for your boy.

Miss Gogo said...

I like Walker too. My friend named her daughter using her maiden name too, McKenna. Great way to carry on the family name