Friday, March 20, 2009

Help me!

I can't stop eating. Seriously. The cravings have started and I'm totally being weak and giving in. I'm eating the way I did when pregnant with Carson and I can feel myself slipping.

I haven't been to the gym since Tuesday. I NEED to start my nightly walking, especially now that it's SPRING. Argh.

My inlaws are here, which comes with baked yummy goods, but I'll try to stick to my plan of eating three healthy meals and then if I want a treat it has to be on top of my daily healthy intake, not in REPLACEMENT of it.

Oh - and I heard RICKI's has maternity clothes now. The maternity clothes in Thyme and Motherhood are brutal and although I've never shopped at Ricki's yet I'm hopeful that there will be something good.

And I have to go to Sephora tomorrow to get something for my sister in law for my inlaws to bring back to PEI. I'm scared, I'm like a kid in a candy store there! I need to leave my debit card at home :)

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Miss Gogo said...

Can you believe it? I've never been to Sephora! I was/am a MAC addict and I've heard Sephora is even better. Maybe I've subconciously stayed away because I know my bank account would have a huge dent in it if I did go!

Christy said...

Don't do it!!!


I could spend hours in there, it's ridiculous. Actually, I think when my sister in law and I went to Toronto on a shopping trip we were there 3 hours.

Anonymous said...

Be strong when you're in Sephora, okay?! LOL. I'm actually looking forward to reading what you come back with, because you *know* it won't be empty handed.:-)

I am a serious eating machine, my friend. And it ain't down to breastfeeding. I can't stop, and the pounds are packing on. I'm fairly certain it's emotionally driven. Make it stop!!!!!

- Sonya

desajair said...

I was just in Thyme getting some nursing shirts--and i LOVED the spring clothes--totally jealous of you being pregnant in the spring. 8)

Christy said...

Really? Maybe I need to go back because the last couple times I've gone I feel the clothes are designed for a 50 year old!

Sonya - it better be empty handed! I think I'm going Monday so I'll tell you all about it. We both need to stop eating! Tee hee, well not altogether. You knwo what I mean :)

desajair said...

Hmmm... or I just dress really boring maybe?

The only problem I had was how low-cut the clothes are this season. I had to sew up the nursing shirts 'cause the cleavage was just too much.