Thursday, March 12, 2009


Was fun! Sure I was super uncoordinated and probably looked like a ridiculous pregnant woman trying to shake her booty, but we laughed, we sweat and it was exercise.

If they offered the class at our gym on a regular basis I would definitely attend.

And one of the ladies I work out with is bringing me a bunch of maternity clothes. She's older than I am and honestly I haven't seen her in anything other than gym clothes so I'm not sure of her style so we'll see. But so far I've only spent $100 (two belly bands and two t-shirts) and my friends/family have been very generous with lending me their maternity clothes.

Tomorrow's Friday...... I SO need a weekend right now.

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Julie said...

oh i love zumba! My trainer (and gym owner) was the first certified zumba instructor in montreal (she used to be a professional ballroom and latin dancer) and she is awesome in zumba, we have 3 zumba classes a week at my gym and i have been going every wednesday now,. its such a fun way to break a sweat. but i hear u on the uncoordinated takes a while to get the hang of all the moves!