Monday, March 16, 2009

Grace in small things: Part 7 of 365

1. The SUN - my whole mind/soul/attitude changes when it's sunny out

2. Above 0 degree temperatures - wearing a vest and no hat or mittens yesterday. And being able to spend 6 hours outdoors without getting cold? WONDERFUL

3. Our mortgage being at 1.75% - I'm so glad we chose to go with a variable mortgage

4. Subway sandwiches for lunch - woke up late so didn't have time to make a lunch, I forgot how scrumptious Subway sanwiches are. And I put pickles on mine this time, something I've never done before. I know - look at me, broadening my horizons.

5. My wonderful family - we had so much fun yesterday all together. I love that all our kids are close in age (well, the twins are 3 years older but still they can all play together) and that my siblings and I all get along so well that we WANT to spend time together. And that we all live in Ottawa.

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Anonymous said...

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Miss Gogo said...

Yum....Subway!!!! Were you off work yesterday??? I was so diappointed. Once we finished dinner and headed outside to play, the sun was gone and it was chilly. Hopefully 11 degrees today will be better after dinner. 1.75%??? That is insane! We are in the process of refinancing our mortgage because the rates are SO low that it is worthwhile to pay the penalty.