Thursday, April 2, 2009

Grace in small things: Part 9 of 365

1/ I got my new Mac yesterday. And it's so pretty. It's going to take a lot of getting used to, but I played for it for a few hours last night (maybe too late) and I'm so excited about it.

2/ The weather. It's so sunny and going up to 13 today. I'm hitting the pavement for a 5K walk at lunch.

3/ My wonderful sister-in-law (the one I went to Toronto with) booked her trip to come visit for a week in June while our husbands are together in Iceland golfing. I'm taking the week off work and it will be like having a playdate all day, every day. My son is going to LOVE it!! We have so many things on our list to do.

4/ I've packed my lunch all this week and haven't bought anything from the caf. I had been having weekly (sometimes daily!) treats and I've been sooo good.

5/ I'm getting in line with my budget and it's all quite exciting. Waiting for a copy of Iworks which appaerntly has a good Numbers program on it. Also trying to find another great budgetting software for my new Mac. Now that I will have easier access to my computer I can start keeping all my lists, spreadsheets etc... something that I've been ignoring since I've got my loathe-on for basements (that's where our desktop was).

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Malinda said...

my favorite list tracker is

you can do other things with it too but for now I just use the lists side of it... its free and you can track lists on line and it syncs with my iphone! love that!!!!

Miss Gogo said...

Is your hubby going to Iceland????? That is the one place on earth Fraser wants to go (something to do with the Amazing Race haha). Was it a package trip? Email me when you have 2 seconds!

A week of playdates. What heaven!

Chantal said...

Oh I have to do my thankful thursday post. Thanks for the reminder :)