Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This week my classes have kicked me in the arse. My thighs are screaming in pain, my glutes are yelling at me and it hurts to sit down.

I brought my gym clothes again today, but we'll see what actually happens. Amazingly enough, the elliptical feels really good at this point in my pregnancy. I thought it would be too bouncy, but I was able to do the exact same incline/resistance that I did in my first trimester and now in my third I can keep it up. It's a nice mix to throw into the bunch seeing as besides my two classes at the beginning of the week all I've been doing is walking daily.

I had my first trip to the cafeteria in over two weeks and I settled on a bag of salt and vinegar chips. It's amazing how GOOD a treat is when you don't eat one every single day :) And um, even though I had one yesterday I think after supper tonight we'll be making a trip to Baskin & Robbins for their 31 cent scoop night!!

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