Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Whoa Nelly

Ok, thinking what I ate this weekend actually makes me sick. We were out and about every single day visiting with friends, families, playing at the park, doing crazy things - and it resulted in zero planning when it came to the food department.

There was chocolate, there were chips, there was wraps with fries, breakfasts out, brunch, Julie made the BEST creme brulee EVER... oh the list goes on. I can see my face swelling, my arms/back getting huge and it has to stop.

I went to the grocery store last night, I made a meal plan last night, I threw out chocolate last night, I prayed last night, I gave myself a good talking to and today is the day. I have 13 weeks left (92 days to be exact) before this baby is here. I will NOT be the mother who looks like she's still pregnant AFTER she has a baby.

1/ I will continue with my daily exercise. 92 days of exercise, even if one day is simply a walk.
2/ I will limit myself to one treat a week
3/ No more buying muffins at the cafeteria
4/ We will only eat out once a week (this will help with our budget too!)

I'm sure this list will grow. I will be weighing myself every 3 days and recording my weight once a week. I will NOT reach 200 lbs. I have 15 lbs to play with and hopefully next months' weigh in will not be an "up" because my 13 lb gain from last month should hold me through at least another month.

Other than that though - I feel great. This pregnancy is so much easier than my first. I'm carrying around nwo an extra 20 lbs, but because I've kept up with my exercise I'm feeling wonderful (but fat... tee hee). Anyways, I'm VERY happy it's a 4 day week!!

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desajair said...

Ya, I know how you feel. I failed miserably and when I went and bought a nursing bra last week, the lady asked if I'd had the baby yet. *cry*

You can do it! You have the motiviation!