Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Dinner tonight was homemade turkey burgers on flatina buns with pesto mayo, red onions and lettuce. Looking back, I should have added roasted red peppers. Ah well, next time. The salad had peppers, onions, tomatoes, goat cheese and almonds. Delish.

I had 1/2 cup of rainbow sorbet for dessert and now I'm going to quickly transfer a couple plants I stole from my mom before they die. Then a nice hot bath to get rid of the sunscreen (if you haven't tried Aveda's sunscreen you have to, it's the BEST smell in the world), bug spray and dirt and then get into my nice cozy bed and read until I drift off into a hopefully long sleep.

And tomorrow is the first day of my 5 day weekend! I think I'll head up to the lake with Carson to stay with my mom till either Friday night or Saturday morning. Friday's supposed to be beautiful all day so I would find it hard to come back into the city as opposed to staying near the water, lots of trees and the country :)

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Chantal said...

That dinner sounds divine. I think I should go eat at your house! Enjoy your extra long weekend!

Sonya said...

I'm home alone with both kiddies today, and am totally freaked out! It's the longest I've ever been alone with both of them. So forgive the brevity of this comment.;-)

1) Your belly shots are AWESOME. You look beautiful and amazing. Made me miss my own belly.

2) I love morning walks too. So serene.

3) Aveda makes sunscreen??????! You should not have told me this!

will write soon.


desajair said...

I love mornings too. Or used to. Now every minute of sleep I can squeeze out is priceless!