Thursday, May 14, 2009

I'd forgotten

How much I love exercising first thing in the morning!  I woke up at 6 and decided to get out for my walk before the rain started.  I just love the freshness of the air, seeing all the other people out with their dogs, on their morning jogs, stopping off for coffee on their way to walk.  I'm such a morning person.

Then coming home and having a delicious smoothie, egg on a bagel and a cup of tea.

I wish the whole morning exercise thing fit into my normal day routine and just not for when I'm on vacation.

2 people had this to say:

Chantal said...

I wish I was a morning person. Morning people accomplish so much. The strange thing about me is that I am not a morning person, but I am not a night owl either... WHAT AM I!!!! :)

JavaChick said...

Good for you! Wish I was a morning person, but I'm not. My ideal time for exercise is late morning - early afternoon...Try fitting that into a work day!