Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy days

I normally jam pack our weekends with things to do - people to see, places to visit.... but this morning we woke up to rain and while I was racking my brain thinking of what to do, Jeff and I just started cleaning/gutting/purging.  It's amazing how much  you can accomplish if you actually stay home for a day!

We're off to Julie and Tim's for supper, but I'm feeling so good about what we got done this morning.

1- cleaned out the guest room
2 - set up Carson's new room
3 - hung 5 pictures that I've been meaning to do forever
4 - rearranged some things on the main floor which (to us at least) makes the first floor look SO much better!

Doing all that in 4-ish hours (with a brief visit from Lisa in there) makes me very happy.  I'm just sitting down for some lunch and I may indulge in the season finale of Lost while my boy naps.

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Chantal said...

That sounds awesome. I have been home all day but have accomplished nothing! Well that is not true. I have cleaned but no where near to the level that I want to. Glad to hear your day was great!