Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Grace in small things: Part 10 of 365

I should be closer to 50 of 365 but I've been a rather sporadic poster lately.


1/ For nectarines, the ones I bought last night are SO perfectly ripe, I could eat 10 for lunch. But alas, I've already eaten the one I brought for snack.

2/ Cool nights. I know the weather in Ottawa is cold and rainy and during the day, I curse it. But at night time I am loving that it's nice and cool and I get a breeze all night. Otherwise I think I'd be mighty uncomfortable

3/ Leftovers- I didn't have to make a lunch this morning :)

4/ Step Class - I love getting my exercise in via classes at the gym.

5/ My dad and step-mom who are coming in this weekend!

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