Sunday, July 5, 2009

walking walking walking

I have done more walking this past week then I think I have in the past 4 months! Actually, it probably just feels like it because I stopped exercising at the beginning of June (look at my side bar, isn't it horrible?) But seriously, I've done so much in past week that right now my feet are ridiculously sore, my fingers are sausages and my back is sore.

I know one night of (hopefully) sleeping will remedy it and I will start it all over again tomorrow.

Right now I'm going to go enjoy some strawberries that we picked up on the side of the road today! And no, I'm not having ice cream to go with them :)

This is what I look like:

4 people had this to say:

Anonymous said...

Super, super, super cute. But also super, super, super READY to have that baby come out. You've totally dropped. It's just a matter of days (possibly even hours!) now. Yay!


Chantal said...

Look at you! You look great. I walked and walked and walked in the weeks before my sons were born. I think it helps even if it doesn't actually induce labour. How many weeks are you now? Are you past the stage where you had Carter?

Christy said...

I'm 39 weeks now - I had Carson at 38 weeks, so I've never been this pregnant before! I've walked for over 4 hours today and still NOTHING!

Sonya - I've totally dropped (glad to see it's just not me who noticed). I'm hoping hours but the pessimistic part of me thinks it will be days.

Sonya said...

Keep walking 'til you drop. Or in your case, pop.:-)

I heart you!!!