Saturday, July 4, 2009

Not as dumb as I thought!

I put the ipod and camera cord where I normally do, but they had fallen behind a shelf. So I'm back in business.

Funny small-world story. I had stumbled across zestycook website a few times (links from Angiealltheway and Kath Eats Real Food). Then when my sister in law was visiting from PEI a few weeks ago, she showed me the website because zesty works with her husband and my SIL and zesty's wife are friends.

Anyhoo - I saw this post on his site the other day with the most delicious looking recipe for chocolate cream cheese cupcakes. Tonight we have a RibFest (70 lbs of ribs, 40 people, fun all around!) to go to at our friend's house so I offered to bring some dessert - so these delightful little darlings are cooking right now. I'll have to try my hardest not to sample them before tonight.

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