Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Yay Canada Day

For years and years Canada Day was my absolute most favourite day of the year.  

We'd all get dressed in red, tatoo-ed up and head downtown for the whole day and just do whatever came up and looked like fun.  It may have involved quite a lot of drinking and other shenanigans.

I guess growing up in Ottawa, Canada Day was different for us then others.  I remember when we went away to university, towards the end of the spring semester we'd try to convince everyone to come to Ottawa for Canada Day.  They kind of looked at us funny - which we didn't quite understand - because they couldn't understand why they'd want to go somewhere just for Canada Day.

After we finally got them to come up, they understood!

So Happy Canada Day everyone!!!!  This year there will be no drinking, there will be lots of walking, spicy food, and everything else that follows to try and bring on labour.  I'm done, I want this baby to come out now (but not before we find a name, still stuck on that one).  Which reminds me, I should go read the baby name book and see if anything jumps out at me.

3 people had this to say:

Amy said...

I still like the name Walker! :)

Sending you labour vibes tootsie pop!

Christy said...

I personally still love Walker too. They say you shouldn't tell people your choices for names, I've gotten a few negative reviews on it which has made me question it - I know I shouldn't care what people think but it's hard not to, ya know?

But I knew youd like it, we like all the same things :)

Miss Gogo said...

Walker....very different but I love it!

Besides the spicy food and walking try lots of sex. I'm sure Jeff wouldn't object ;o)