Monday, August 10, 2009


I called Jeff and said "it was horrible, they pointed at me, they laughed at me, they called me fat, no one talked to me". Then I laughed.

It was alot of fun! I got there a bit late and there was only one person outside the store, but apparently the trainer wasn't there today so we were going to go on our own. Slowly but surely they all showed up and by the time we left there was about 9 of us. They all introduced themselves and asked how old my son was, and then drooled over him (he was the youngest by far). I ended up walking with two women who both had boys (one was 8 months, the other one 4 months) they both had gone a little crazy after their babies were born (and not afraid to admit it) they both had c-sections, and we had alot in common. They were super nice, we chatted about babies and life in general for the next hour and a half while we sweated and walked around the neighbourhood.

Then after our walk we went to the local coffee shop and got some yummy drinks (chai latte chiller!) We sat for another hour, some other women came to meet us and what can I say? I'm SO happy I went. When I left they all asked if I would be back on Wed. and I said absolutely. This is an awesome way to spend my Monday and Wednesday mornings!

One thing they all said was they can't believe how I was up and at 'em at 3 weeks. I've gotten that comment quite a bit - I was taking both boys to the park by myself when Beckett was a week old and everytime someone asks how old my baby is and I tell them, I get the whole "wow, good for you" all the time. Which if I suppose I think about it, I'm quite proud of myself for getting right into the swing of things with two little kids. Beckett was born on a Wednesday and Jeff was back at work the following Monday so I didn't have any help and just got right into it. Carson goes to care most days (starts part time in Sept.) so it's not like I am the mom of two each and every day - but I'm still way more with it then I ever was with having only Carson.

Anyways - this should all probably be on my other blog but I'm trying to share all aspects of my life and this is what my life is these days.

Now off to feed the babe, then shower, then go to Farm Boy to stock our fridge for the week. Ciao :)

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desajair said...

Oh, Farm Boy--anytime stop by and visit if you want! I'll drool over your baby. 8) And I just made banana choc chip muffins. 8) Perfect snack for us nursing moms. Oh, your post was from an hour ago, you've already left.

JavaChick said...

I'm glad you had a great time! I'm always nervous of situations where I'm going to be meeting a bunch of new people as well, but it sounds like you all hit it off. Good for you!