Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 2

In one way the morning is the perfect time of day for me. It's when I can choose what kind of day it's going to be. Am I going to stay focussed and committed? Am I going to remember why I am on this journey? Do I want to be a healthy, active mom to my two little boys?

I always feel great in the morning because I haven't "screwed up" my day yet.

On the other hand, it's scary. What is the day going to be like - will I stick to my goals, will I follow my heart and do what I know is best?

As I write this out, I realize that it's way more of a good thing (the morning) than a bad thing. That's exactly it, I have the option, I'm the one who makes the decision of how the day is going to pan out.

I have a bit of running around to do - I'm trying to make a playroom in the basement for Carson. I'm starting to keep him home with me (except for 3 mornings a week) and during the winter I need to be set up to have a kid at home all the time! I'm going to have a play corner, a craft corner and a reading section (with a little couch and all his books). So I have to go to Ikea to get a few things to get this show on the road. I also may ask my mom to do some murals around the different little sections. I'm pretty excited!

Sorry, I totally went off topic there. I have lunch planned, I have snacks planned and the only thing left is dinner. Oh but last night I made a delicious dinner:

I have to admit it was my first time making quinoa and it's so simple! And I quite like it, so I can see myself incorporating it into our meals more often. I'm funny, I sometimes get scared to try cook something new, but then once I do it the first time - I'm totally comfortable doing it again.

I've also decided to eat supper earlier. We've been eating around 6 - 6:30 and then I find there isn't time to do anything before it's bed time. I want to go out for a walk, play at the park, go for a bike ride, do SOMETHING after supper and before bed. I don't want to grow up as the family who eats, sits on the couch for a bit and then goes to bed. Let there be life after supper!

I also would love it if my boys would jog/bike ride or do something with their mom when they are older :)

2 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

I've been thinking of making a Quinoa Tabouleh - that recipe looks good!

Chantal said...

We eat at 6 the latest (preferably 5:30) and I like it. But I have to admit that now that D is older we spend most of our after dinner time doing homework. It is a real bummer. I miss the JK/SK days of park every evening and skating at the park in the winter. They grow up too fast.