Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 8

100% Successful!

Sure there was potato and steak for breakfast (leftovers from my mom's BBQ the night before) and a bowl of cereal for lunch - but it was all normal eating. There was no extra random nonsensical (is that a word?) eating. I feel good, not full, not lazy, just good :)

I didn't get out for a walk today ... oh I wish I had a double jogging stroller ... but I will tomorrow morning as I only have one boy with me at home.

It's almost the weekend which is the hardest part of the whole week, but this whole eating normal thing is working for me.

3 people had this to say:

Alea said...

WAY TO GO! Keep up the good work. Normal eating... sounds so easy peasy, right? I wish it was... :) But we're getting there!

Miss Gogo said...

Congrats Christy!!! Keep up the GREAT work!

Chantal said...

Yumm Potato and steak for breakfast! Sounds like the breakfast of champions to me!