Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I'm here... again... for good.

September is here. And although I'm mourning the passing of summer, I'm actually looking forward to September.

The summer is always pure insanity. The key word for our summers are last minute. The lack of organization, spur of the moments BBQs and get togethers, vacations, late night at the parks therefore no planned summers is pure joy for a few months but now it's time to get back to business.

I'll start with the good news. I haven't gained any weight since I started my quest, but the bad news is I haven't lost any weight either.

But yesterday I went grocery shopping and have a house full of good foodiness. We had a yummy healthy dinner last night and I feel like i'm finished eating crap and ready to eat good.

My WI will be Sat mornings and I'll take a monthly picture which unfortunately you will be subjected to. I will lose this weight. I have a closetful of clothes to fit into and only a handful of clothes I can wear right now. Which sucks. Which motivates me to get my arse in gear.


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Chantal said...

I have been trying to eat healthier too. I want to keep healthy so that it is easier after I have the baby. No bad habits to break. I have good days and bad.

Malinda said...

welcome back!

I love the new start September brings too although it also means insanely busy schedule for me so it will be work for my husband and I to not venture too far from the path we've been on but I'm feeling pretty damn good about it! lol

I know you can do it... you've already done it before :-)

Teresa said...

Good to hear all is well. September usually gives me that feeling of renewal as well. Although this year I have yet to climb on the bandwagon. Wishing you well in your quest. All the best.