Wednesday, October 28, 2009


How often do we hear about balancing our days and our weeks? One thing I've noticed about healthy people around me is that if they've had a "bad" say one day, they just automatically make up for it the next day by getting back into normal eating. My problem (well, I should say ONE of my problems) is that if I eat poorly, it almost always triggers at least a couple days of eating poorly.

I don't know when my mind will stop with it's "I've blown it today, might as well eat a bag of chips" mentality.

But, I will keep trying to bring this balance to my life. Today for example. We are having tacos for dinner (the husband LOVES tacos), so in anticipation of that, here was my lunch:

Also, it's funny how easy exercise can become part of your daily routine. A ritual. Something you feel incomplete without. I had written a couple weeks ago about how I started walking at night. Well it hasn't stopped. Each day I walk, or run, or a bit of both. That normally depends on how many kids I have with me.

This morning, rather than heading out for a walk right when my oldest went to nursery school, I put the baby to bed (he looked so tired!) and rather than his 45 minute nap, he slept for 2 hours. So as soon as he got up I strapped him to me and set out to walk to pick up his brother. It's a little over 2k to get there. Then I was going to push the stroller so Carson could hitch a ride in it for the way home. We got all bundled up, ready to go, and we walked outside and what? it's raining? that's not part of my plan!

So I think it will be a Mommy + Carson walk around the neighbourhood tonight. He LOVES it. He always asks if he can come with me on my walk. Part of me hopes I'm instilling healthy habits in him by showing him that exercise isn't work, it's something we WANT to do. Because really, it is.

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Teresa said...

Have issues with that all or nothing mentality as well. But what really matters is getting back on track. If one feels better on track then hopefully the gap between being on and off will disappear. Keep up the good work.