Monday, October 26, 2009

I miss being pretty...

Normally I have a pretty good fashion sense. I don't get totally dolled up, but I can put an outfit together, my hair is typically funky, I love putting on a bit of makeup and looking ... put together.

I have a closetful of nice clothes, I have a drawerful of beautiful makeup, and yet these days I'm wearing fleece pants and hoodies. Not the most becoming of looks. Even though I got a nice haircut a few weeks ago, I just normally have a band in it because I haven't been styling it.

I just feel ugly. My clothes don't fit (hence the fleece pants) and I feel... swollen. I don't put any work into myself when I'm feeling this way. And when I'm out and looking around at the other mom's - they look put together. And I miss looking like that. It's not that I necessarily care what other people think, it's that *I* feel better about myself when I look better.

I'm trying to remind myself of that when I reach for that extra whatever it is. I will remind myself of that when I don't feel like exercising. I will look at my closetful of clothes when I am craving something sweet.

I owe it to myself. I deserve to feel that way again! This was me, going out Friday night.

When I switched computers, I didn't copy over pictures prior to my first pregnancy, but here's what I looked like after Carson, before Beckett. I would LOVE to get back there! And actually, this was after my miscarriage so i was up a few pounds more than I was at the beginning of the summer.

Its kind of funny I posted this picture, after talking about wanting to dress up again and not wear work-out type clothes. But I'm the picture taker in my family so there are very few pictures of me! But I'm posting it more about the size I am here, not what I look like!

Aaahhh to have a skinny(er) face that you can put some make-up on!

3 people had this to say:

Teresa said...

You looked lovely for your evening out on Friday. Have you seen this website, its a great project they have going

Sometimes I think we forget that beauty is more than skin deep. Never forget how beautiful you are.

Chantal said...

all those photos are great. You will do it. You know you will. Give yourself time. :) Hugs

Sonya said...

I could have written this post myself. I feel so much better when I make an effort. Today, I sported some red kitten heels to a meeting at work. And you should have seen my STRUT when I walked down the street. Extra weight and all, I still felt good.:-)

You are one of the most beautiful people I know. In EACH of these photos, I see so much beauty. END OF STORY.