Thursday, November 19, 2009

Nasty nasty numbers

See my post from earlier this morning? See how pumped I was? I carried that mood all through class this morning, doing my best and pushing myself further each station and each cycle.

Then I decided I needed some sort of starting point, so I asked them to take my weight and body fat %.

Let me tell you, tears fell from my eyes and I honestly felt like I was going to throw up once I saw those numbers. I felt defeated the whole way home, then when I pulled in I saw this little head poking out of the shades in his window. Ok, so maybe 2 kids was worth gaining this kind of weight, but now it's time to concentrate on myself. I will do it for me. I won't let these numbers get me down. I will pretend I was happy when I saw the numbers and keep the positivity flowing.

Weight: 192 (I was 163 when I got pregnant with Beckett)
BMI: 34 (haven't measured this in so long, have nothing to compare it to)
Body Fat %: 38.1 (last time I had this measured I was 145 lbs and it was 19%)

So I have a long way to go, but we have to start somewhere right?

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JavaChick said...

Like you say, it's a starting point. I've never had a baby, but from what I understand it does do a number on your body and it takes some time to bounce back. Give yourself some time, and with your determination I have no doubt you'll lose the weight. Just be patient with yourself!

And, coming from someone who can't have a baby, yes I'd say your two little ones are worth it. Not a pity-me comment, I'm happy with my life, just offering some perspective. :)

alea said...


Teresa said...

They are worth it without a doubt. ((You can do it!))

desajair said...

you can do it Christy! I'm right there with you! You kick my butt and I'll kick yours. 8)

Well, ok, you're miles ahead of me with the exercise and eating and everything, so can you just kick my butt with some of your good habits???

Christy said...

Javachick - you're right, I have to remind myself how lucky I am.

Alea and Teresa, thanks!

Desa - thanks! I may hold you to it.

Chantal said...

its always good to know where you started. When I did WW after D was born (I was stuck at 185 and I went down to 140) I found knowing each pound I lost helped. After M (I was 180 and only ever got to 160) I hadn't measured (or signed up for WW or a gym or anything) and I found it hard to stay motivated when I didn't know where I had started and how much I had lost.

Don't forget to measure. I find the inches are just as rewarding as the pounds.