Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I keep saying burpees will be the death of me.

However, it seems my way of thinking has made a 180 and now I am measuring my success by burpees.

It's almost a guarantee that each class will contain a set of burpees. And each set is 45 seconds (unless it's in between rounds or at the end of class). With each set being a specific amount of time, it's really a no brainer to mentally keep track of the number of burpees I can pull off.

Now please, don't laugh, but when I started I could do about 7 burpees in 45 seconds (I know I know... I'm SLOW) but now I'm up to 15! I'm slow, but I'm continuous and try not to take breaks. Each week I try to do at least one more.

Carolyn, I KNOW you didn't mean a video of ME doing a burpee, so here is a link to some random dude doing one (

How do you reference a youtube? is it enough that when you click on the youtube link the creator will be listed there?

4 people had this to say:

desajair said...

oh gawd, nightmares from my elementary PE days. Burpees. It's been YEARS since i've hard of those!

Christy said...

Oh I know! It was WAY easier to do then when I was 10 then now.

Anne said...

Great improvement! Yay!

Carolyn said...

Wow!!! You've doubled! Congrats. For some reason I just don't get it after reading the instructions. Video post? ;)