Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday of ALL Mondays

It is THE Monday after the holidays. Which means that me, along with the rest of the world, is trying to lose weight this year.

I started out this morning by measuring my Kashi Go Lean cereal (which I had forgotten how delicious it was) with a couple strawberries sliced up on top. I even measured out my milk.

And I stepped on the digital devil as Marie so eloquently puts it. The number that I saw is the same one I had been seeing for months after Beckett was born. Right before the holidays I lost a couple of pounds, which is a good thing or else I would have seen a higher number this morning. Anyways, it's recorded & I will be weighing myself once a week.

I'm not going to do any drastic dieting, I'm still exclusively nursing a baby, but I'm going to record what I eat, stop snacking on bread and chocolate and focus on putting into my body what it deserves. The good thing is that I've kept up with my exercise all the way through the holidays! I think the week of Christmas I only made it two times (instead of three) due to the gym being closed and then everything else going on. I'm pretty sure I have the exercise portion of a healthy lifestyle under control (so long as I never move somewhere that Tony Greco doesn't exist!).

Now to pack a bag, I'm going to stay with my mom until tomorrow because our hot water tank blew and there's no hot water. Which really sucks. Especially with two small kids.

3 people had this to say:

JavaChick said...

Yikes! No hot water! Not a good way to start off the week. Hope it's fixed soon!

Carolyn said...

Ewww no hot water. Gross!

I started eating Kashi Go Lean again too. I can't believe how yummy it is and I forgot all about it!

Teresa said...

Hope you have a great 2010. Good for you keeping up with the exercise over the holidays.