Saturday, February 6, 2010

Perfect Saturday

I don't know how many of you know, but I have two blogs. I have one all about my kids. It started off as a baby journal type thing and I've kept it going longer than I thought. And then I have this one, which is about everything else. I mostly focus on trying to lose weight but other little things pop up once in a while.

I wanted to talk about my day, but wasn't sure where I should write about it. Then I thought I would write about it on both blogs, but the focus would shift drastically. So here I go:

I woke up feeling in a blah mood (had disappointing news yesterday, so I was just sad and cranky mood) and immediately thought of sugar. So I had cornflakes and sprinkled white sugar on the bowl! WTF? And, sugar, having it's nasty effect on me, I felt like something else so I had a piece of bread with peanut butter. Again, WTF? Normally I start every day off with either steel cut oats, an egg or cottage cheese & pineapple. And I'm perfectly satisfied. Anyways, onto lunch.

We were out on the road and needed to stop somewhere for lunch. A&W is the place we stop if we are having fast food. I asked if rather, we could go to Wendy's so I could get a chili. It was a nice compromise, because hubby wanted burger and fries and I didn't want to continue down the path of a total crap eating day.

I went out for a long walk with my toddler while the baby napped. We stopped by a huge hill to do some sledding for a bit and then continued onto a coffee shop. We walked about 5k, I had the stroller so I was walking quite briskly. I love my chai lattes but have been staying away. I decided to have one today, but ordered with skim instead of soy (to save calories!).

Dinner we ended up with a last minute invite to our best friend's place. Kaethe has always been slim but found now she needs to work at it a bit harder. She's only just started to look at the nutritional information of things, calories, and really paying attention to what she's eating. It's neat to have a friend who's into that as well. So rather than the steak and potatoes they were making, we whipped up a steak salad with BEETS and goat cheese on a bed of lettuce. It was delicious. I wish I had my camera - you would have appreciated this salad.

And read how I'd write this day in my other blog....

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