Sunday, February 28, 2010

Trying to be optimistic

BUT the scale showed a gain this morning. Just shy of 2 lbs.

Now honestly. I've been GOOD this week. Like really good. I was expecting a good loss. But alas, the scale is not being my friend this morning.

And I'm taking it hard. Like thinking about stopping nursing so I can lose weight (I can't believe I had those thoughts!), about how I should just eat crap today - if the scale is going up I may as well eat like I'm gaining.

Going to pour myself a glass of water and calm down a bit. What a crappy way to start the day!

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sara said...

Hi -- I never comment, but enjoy your blog. I can relate to some of your stories as a mom of two boys.

I wanted to recommend that you use other methods (if you don't already), in addition to the scale, to measure your loses. I take measurements of my whole body (arms, legs, neck, chest and waist) every 30 days and I measure a few spots on my waist every 15 days. I also calculate my waist hip ratio and body fat (there are online calculators) every 30 days.

Having all these different ways to measure my successes helps keep me motivated and it helps soften the blow when the scale gives me a crappy reading.

Just a thought... I wish you continued success -- Sara

Teresa said...

You know that same thing happened to me last week. This week its gone, so I'm sure it is not a real gain. Kick stupid scale and forget about it. Next week will be better. Sara has lots of great points.

Christy said...

Sara - thank you for commenting! I actually think I am going to start measuring. It's something I've only done ONCE , a couple months ago when I signed up for the X-weighted challenge and I only measured my hips, waist and chest. I'm going to measure more places and more often. Thank you.

Teresa - thank you for the encouragement, I left a comment your latest post!

Teresa said...

Yes it is so much easier giving advice, dealing with an upset is another story. Its always a tough thing to get over when you don't get the results you expect. BTW I lost it too! Hope you are feeling better.