Saturday, March 6, 2010

Impromtpu dinner party

Late afternoon we decided to ask Lisa over for dinner. We talk through a couple ideas of what to eat and settle on steak (we did happen to see t-bones on sale at Independent) and salad. Then we convinced one of my oldest friends, Peter, to come join us after his kids went to bed. It was a late dinner but nice to eat without rushing because of the kids!

Our menu wasn't by all means elaborate, but it seemed perfect for a day like today. A beautiful sunny gorgeus day. The weather was beautiful, everyone seemed to have an extra spring in their step.

Steak on the BBQ

  • seasoned with montreal steak spice
  • BBQ'd until medium-rare aka delicious
zucchini boats with goat cheese (ala Amy)
  • cut zucchini in half
  • scoop out seeds with spoon
  • marinate in dressing (we keep italian dressing on hand just for this!)
  • before putting on the 'Q I add goat cheese into where the seeds were scooped out
  • BBQ'd until zucchini turns that see-throughish (probably a term for this....?)
sauteed portebello mushrooms
  • Peanut oil heated up on stove
  • add lots of chopped garlic
  • Added a bit of pesto parmesan dressing to the pan
  • cook on low until dinner is ready. Yum!
garlic bread
  • we cheaped out and bought a bag of garlic bread, but it was yummy too!
green leaf lettuce salad

For dessert, I tried out my new Kitchenaid mixer and made a delicious banana cake with cream cheese frosting. Now, after I made this and poured it into the baking dish, there seemed like ALOT of batter. And it took longer than the suggested time to cook so I think I messed up on the recipe. It calls for 1 1/2 c mashed bananas, I took 4 frozen ripened bananas and used them, so mabye that's where my problem occurred? But the finished product was delicious! The cream cheese frosting was sooo good. I've never made a cream cheese frosting with icing sugar before and as you can imagine the results were yummmmmmmmy.

Now I must go rescue my baby from being possibly smothered by his older brother.

2 people had this to say:

desajair said...

Holy goodness that sounds amazing and gourmet! I'm trying the zuichinni thing out. 8)

Teresa said...

It was the perfect weekend for a BBQ. Yours sounded yummy. We won't be BBQ for awhile as our is packed away in the shed and it will be there till the ground thaws out.