Monday, March 8, 2010

Temporary setback

This weekend I temporarily lost my mind. I forgot everything I know.

I forgot how crappy my day ends up when I eat cereal for breakfast
I forgot how my body needs water or else I bloat up like a whale
I forgot how cranky I get when I don't eat well
I forgot how great I feel when I don't overeat
I forgot just how badly I want to lose this baby weight
I forgot about all the clothes in my closet just waiting to be worn again
I forgot to set good examples for my kids
I forgot how I need an hour of exercise a day **
I forgot how good fruits and veggies were for my soul. For my complexion

But luckily, today, I remember it all again! Beckett (my baby) woke up at 5:41 to nurse, so instead of going back to bed afterwards, I found my gym clothes in the dark and ran out the door to make the 6 oclock class which consisted of:

alligator push-ups
situps while holding a 10 lb dumbbell behind my head (feet anchored with dumbbells)
one legged squats holding a 25 lb weight
pushing my elbows towards my body while holding a plank
one foot hops from one wall to another and then one foot hops in/out/across ladder
one arm rows while on one leg on the bosu
situps on the bosu
split lunges while tossing weight from one arm to the other

In between each set, burpees! After the whole workout, 1 minute mountain climbers, 1 minute burpees, 1 minute highknees.

I was sweating like a pig and then came home to start my day. Yesterday things were looking pretty bleak (there's some stuff going on that I haven't delved into here, but let's just say it's ummm stressful and makes me feel like puking if I think about it) but this morning? With the gorgeus weather & the sun, it makes life a whole lot better.

Now I'm going to try and pull a Macguyver and somehow strap the baby into a bike trailer and walk to go get Carson from school.

And, while B was sleeping this morning I dyed my hair. Oh I know. I know I should go to the salon, but right now it's best if I just do it myself. So here it is. The picture sucks, but it's dark. I was worried it was black, but it's just dark dark dark and hopefully will lighten up over the week.

Holy crap! It IS black. Noooooooooooo

** this does not include the running around, hopping, skipping and walking I did around the neighbourhood with my kids

3 people had this to say:

desajair said...

Christy--you're amazing. I am really envious of your drive, and even if you had a slight setback--look at you--up and at it again bright and early Monday morning!!!!

And I'm sending you all my getbetter/happiness vibes towards whatever it is you and your family are going through.

If you ever need a friend with an impartial ear and a chai latte--I'm your girl. 8)

Julie said...

wow what a workout! that is amazing! i hate burpees...blah! you go girl!

Teresa said...

Sure hope whatever is stressing you out clears out soon. Its amazing how stress can throw us for a loop. Looks like you've got things under control. Take care