Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The perfect Costco list

Oh - sorry, perhaps the title was misleading. I don't have the perfect Costco list, I'm hoping YOU can help me complete it, help me perfect it.

I keep a shopping list for each of the stores we shop at. We have a Walmart list, a Farmboy list, a Loblaws list and a Costco list. This morning Jeff decided to make a trip to Costco and I was enroute to my mom's so I had to think off the top of my head. Which normally doesn't work :)

When I got home, I double checked my list and realized I forgot a lot of things (which I totally expected) and realized it was also time for a list update. Below is a list of what we normally get:

  • Cottage cheese (I'm a total cottage cheese snob and only eat Nordica)
  • Jane's chicken strips (not breaded, just frozen chicken that I normally cook on the stove to put on top of a salad or in a couscous salad)
  • Tilapia filets (my favourite fish! Would obviously rather eat fresh, but these do quite well)
  • Cracker Barrel cheese (lots of grilled cheese in this house and I don't do cheese slices)
  • Activia yogurt
  • Avocadoes (I am obsessed, you get 5 big avocadoes for a good price (can't remember exact price)
  • Bananas (we always have bananas in this house, so we only buy them if we happen to be going to Costco and happen to need bananas!)
  • Box of lettuce (we normally do the spring mix!)
  • Bag of spinach
  • Skim milk
  • And last but certainly not least, CRUMBLED GOAT CHEESE. Except they don't always have it. it's the best and cheapest goat cheese and yet it's there for a few months and then for a few months.... I normally have to let Amy know when it's back cause I know she's a fellow lover of the goat cheese

Ok so fellow bloggers - what do you get from Costco that I should know about and add to my list?

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Anne said...

We buy the package of fresh tilapia and then we freeze them in portions in ziploc freezer bags, they aren't that expensive for fresh fish, so good!

Julie said...

-Chicken Breasts
-the new spinach & feta chicken sausauges
- The marinated pork filets with peaches on top, so easy to do and you can freeze them and thaw out the day you're ready to bake.
-Berries, when in season
-Jack's special salsa
-Jalapeno Hummus
- Low-sodium chicken broth(liquid box)
- Raw almonds
- Gum
- their black workout pants!
- magazines, cheaper than everywhere else they give a discount off the newstand price
- um...i have a slight costco problem/obsession..im sure im missing things on here..

Christy said...

Thank you Anne and Julie!!

Anne - I totally love tilapia. Maybe we should exchange some recipes. I normally do ours with a little bit of breading in the frying pan or in the oven with a bit of butter.

Julie - I totally have a Costco obsession as well. I thought it was better that my husband went instead of me because I would have bought way more things (their books, their clothes......)

Teresa said...

My "CostCow" as like to call it list looks very similar to yours. I bought the tilapia last time, and not quite sold on it. Any suggestions on how to cook it?
Here's some of my other favorites

Frozen Raw Shrimps
Nature's Path Organic Cereal
Kashi Cereals
Organic PB
Omega 3 Eggs

Miss Gogo said...

I normally get the Kirkland Salmon fillets. Yum. Hummus, pita, chicken breasts, diapers, wipes, 3.25% milk when i use it (which is in the nest 3 months!), Salsa.

Miss Gogo said...

Oh yeah, we also get the spinach and feta sausages as well.....

JavaChick said...

We don't have Costco...Yet. One will be opening soon though, so it was interesting to read your list. I love grilled cheese too, but I'm a cheddar snob - I always buy Balderson Cheddar. :)

A Crafty Mom said...

Uh oh - I don't think there's anything on anybody's list that I *don't* buy!! I think perhaps I need to join a self-help group or something. Now that we have three kids, Costco just makes sense for us, we never throw food out and use all the big servings. Love getting meats and fish and freezing them in smaller portions.

Maybe I have missed the goat cheese - not sure I have seen there but I'll be sure to look out for it now :)

Miss Gogo said...

Oh, I forgot the boneless pork chops! I never enjoyed pork chops until i found these. Great int he slow cooker, BBQ, or baked in the oven.

Anonymous said...

Love this subject...great ideas!